Presenting IPM

International Policy Monitors is a consultancy specialised in international energy, climate and technology policies. We have expertise covering the EU and its member states. With several decades of experience, we know what our clients are looking for, and know how to deliver it in the way that meets their needs.

International Policy Monitors is based in three locations, Brussels, Rome and Los Angeles. This wide geographic spread gives it greater insight into the interaction between different national situations and cultures.

The director of International Policy Monitors, Giacomo Valentini, has an international background: an Italian national, he completed his studies in Bruges, Belgium, and worked for over twenty years in Brussels as a consultant. He now provides advice to clients from three continents.

IPM is specialised in providing expert analysis of policy developments in the fields of energy, climate and new technologies.

On these pages, we plan to post information and commentary on worldwide developments. Themes we will deal with include the international climate negotiations (including the follow-up to the Paris Agreement), the European emissions trading scheme (EU ETS), the European Energy Union project, major research and innovation developments in Europe, including smart cities and communities, renewable energy sources, electric mobility.